Case Study: Custom Invoicing For Multiple Role Rates

Client overview

Matarozzi Pelsinger (MatPel), a high-end custom home builder in the San Francisco Bay Area, employs more than 50 employees and hundreds of subcontractors to build five to eight homes each year for the most exacting of customers.

Here’s one example of their genius

Custom Invoicing and Job Cost reports for this beautiful home by MatPel Builders


The perilous transition to QuickBooks

MatPel recently transitioned from Viewpoint, a construction industry accounting and project management system, to QuickBooks. They hired an acting CFO to ensure a smooth transition, but the implementation was challenging as the team bumped up against the limitations of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks limitations

MatPel Builders had a difficult challenge when creating customer invoices with QuickBooks because contractor bill rates vary from job to job. A worker with a bill rate of $95/hour on one project may be charged out at $105/hour on another.

QuickBooks only allows a single bill rate for each employee or subcontractor.

Because of this limitation, MatPel was manually creating invoices each month, resulting in errors and a lengthy, burdensome process for the accounting department.

Limitations with real-world consequences

Invoices were being issued late, negatively impacting cash flow, delaying access to hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. The errors such as incorrect amounts, duplicate line items or missed/skipped line items were embarrassing!

Not only was MatPel missing out on revenue, their image and relationship with their clients was suffering. Their brand image was plummeting.

Here’s how we stopped the bleeding

The need was clear – MatPel needed to automate their invoicing.

Datisfy’s reporting experts reviewed MatPel’s invoices, invoicing process and QuickBooks file and then developed an Excel spreadsheet to house all of the job-specific billing rates.

Crystal Reports was then used to integrate the information from the spreadsheet with the data in QQube for QuickBooks to generate a custom invoice for any project – at any time.

Now, after working with Datisfy:

  • Invoices are built to include only billable items, so no charge is ever missed.
  • Custom Invoices are generated quickly and accurately, which means MatPel receives payment on six-figure invoices an average of ten days earlier.
  • Project Managers can run the custom invoicing themselves, providing real-time data back to the field, and freeing up the accounting department to work on other important tasks and projects.

MatPel is happy with their Custom Invoicing

“We got our invoices out in record time! 90% complete on the fourth of the month, and 100% complete by the sixth. That means we get paid much sooner.

THANK YOU for your help with all of this! A complete game-changer for us!”

GM Jenny Rios loves custom invoicing for QuickBooks

Jenny Rios, General Manager
Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders



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