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Datisfy’s tagline, Do What Counts, is such a powerful statement for businesses.

Why? Because at work, we often get stuck doing things that don’t count. Things that are unimportant and, quite honestly, a waste of valuable time.

This tagline was chosen because it holds a variety of significant meanings and nuances in the world of small business and even in modern life itself.

One meaning of Do What Counts is, “Take action on things that produce the highest return for your time.”

Another meaning might be, “Do what makes the most statistical sense.”

One of the hottest topics in business today…


Social media is overrun with articles and posts about productivity tools for business. Here’s some of the likely culprits:

They talk about time management, eliminating distractions, better apps, digital apps, analog processes… we even use some of these tools at Datisfy. Tools like Inbox Pause, Evernote, Priority Matrix, and Slack.

But I have found those who work in small businesses, especially in “doing” roles like finance and admin, unknowingly waste hours doing things manually because they don’t realize that there’s a better way.

Many professionals like the predictable processes they can check off a list. They feel productive, but they aren’t being productive.

From feeling productive to actually being productive

Datisfy exists because QQube, along with our expert report design experience, makes something better out of QuickBooks.

We can eliminate the need to export data from QuickBooks to Excel.

Do you ever find yourself in this mess?

Every week or month someone in your organization has to send out a report to 20 email addresses. They have to:

  • Create an email for each recipient
  • Type or copy the same message to each email
  • Attach a specific document to each email
  • Click send on each email

For distributing reports to customers and colleagues on a recurring schedule we recommend PDF-Explode.

There are much better uses of a person’s limited time and brain power!

PDF-Explode eliminates all of those steps and it doesn’t make typos, or attach the wrong document, or forget to attach it entirely. No tool is perfect, and it takes a little know-how to get it properly set up, but they offer 60 days of free support to get it going!

Want to stop being productively unproductive?

Let Datisfy help you out.

Have a look around your business, or let us come and sit with your team members to map out those unnecessary time-wasting processes.

Ready to be Datisfied? Book your Datisfaction Session to learn more!

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